Sunday, April 23, 2006

Free Agents - April 23.

Free Agent activity for this week.

Note: The change to a 12 midnight Saturday cutoff for bids means that I will be doing updates either Sunday morning or afternoon, which probably means you won't be able to set your rosters yourself on Sundays. If you have a specific plan for who you want active/inactive pending your bid results, let me know as part of you bid e-mail and I'll set your roster for you.

Note 2: In reviewing some moves this week, I saw that players who were put on the DL were reserved by you guys. If a player is placed on the DL, you have the ability to Disable the player, which does not count against your weekly 5-move allotment. If I see the player as being Reserved, that move counts.

Here's this week's activity:

Brian waives Shannon Stewart and signs Brandon Phillips for $2.

Mike places Dmitri Young, Ken Griffey and Jeremy Hermida on the DL and signs Dave Roberts, Ryan Langerhans and Trot Nixon for $1 each.

Matt signs Xavier Nady for $2 to fill his open bench spot

Doug places Derrek Lee on the DL and signs Todd Walker for $7. Doug also waives Mike Cuddyer, Chris Reitsma and Chad Orvella and signs Casey Blake for $3, Bronson Arroyo for $4 and Brian Bannister for $2.

Austin places Bartolo Colon and A.J. Burnett on the DL and signs Jason Marquis and Jarrod Washburn for $1 each.

Pandas place Ryan Doumit on the DL and sign Toby Hall for $1.

Scott signs Ty Wigginton for $5 to fill his open bench spot.

That's all.


  • At 8:19 AM, Blogger Chin Music said…

    We should discuss changing the cutoff time for Free Agent bids. Saturday at midnight doesn't work well, because we all have church Sunday morning. Even if Brian is able to get them processed, like he did today, it is awkward for all of us to get our changes in before the games start.

    If we changed to Sunday at midnight, we would have no such problems. Or someone may want to suggest another time.


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