Tuesday, April 11, 2006

We're Up!!!!! Also, Free Agent Activity 4/9

Man, it's like coming home after a really long, unpleasant business trip.

OK, I have rebuilt the rosters on TQS and updated rosters for those who sent me a list of changes. I have also applied the last two weeks of free agent changes, rerun the stats and registered everyone (under your nicknames). You will see three invitation e-mails per team. Sorry about that, I was making a farce of setting up the teams and updating e-mail addresses. Please re-verify your team information and check that moves were made correctly.

Before I explain how you manage your roster, here's last week's free agent activity:

Mike places Noah Lowry on the DL and waives Ervin Santana. Mike signs Danys Baez for $15 and Fernando Rodney for $5.
Doug places Julio Lugo and Kerry Wood on the DL and signs Jack Wilson for $1 and Dan Miceli for $2.
Austin signs Adrian Gonzalez for $4 to fill his open bench spot.
Todd and Joel waive Joe Randa and sign Lance Niekro for $1.
Scott places C.C. Sabathia (and the Music Factory) on the DL and signs Jon Papelbon for $10.
John Benoit signs Omar Vizquel for $5 to fill his open bench spot.
Pandas place Armando Benitez on the DL and waive Corey Patterson. Pandas sign Paul Maholm for $1 and Nick Markakis for $1.

Now, to manage your rosters.

From your team page on TQS, under the heading Transactions, you will see a pull-down box with "Make Moves" in it. Click on the arrow and select "Lineup Changes". You will see a lineup display almost exactly like the TSN one. Your active roster is on the left and your bench on the right. You can disable/activate/deactivate/change positions from here. Please remember that you have 5 moves per week back and forth from your bench. Position changes and DL moves do NOT count against the 5. I have access to a bloody GREAT interface to tell me what moves have been made by each team this week, so I can check that nobody's exceeded their limits.

Please check your rosters ASAP. Also, if there are retroactive moves you need to make that are not yet recorded, please let me know through the commish message board (same process as previous years). I'll make the necessary updates and re-run the numbers.

Lastly, thanks to Scott for his offer to help get things back up and running as well as to those of you who have written to encourage me and support this decision. It is really appreciated.


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