Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A few updates

First, good news. I have been informed by The Sporting News that I am receiving a full refund from them. The bad news is that Austin is going to have to now live in the land of TQS on a full time basis. Oh, well, at least we should get some quality rants to read from time to time.

Second, regarding TQS, I have learned that any moves made after the first game of the day is underway will not be applied until the following day. Please check the date at the top of your roster page. If the date has already ticked over, e-mail the commish and I'll make your move for you. Also, please make sure you select "reserve" and not "waive", which is right below it in the pulldown. I've had to do a couple of fixes for that.

OK, that's all.


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