Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Made My Decision

I have received NO feedback from TSN and DID get word from TQStats that they will start us from Opening Day. I read around the TSN site last night and there appears to be no way to recover the first week and a half of stats. Since I need to re-enter the rosters anyway, I am moving us back to TQStats and am initiating the process to get our money refunded. I appreciate that the vote was 4-3 in favour of staying put, but at least one of the votes seemed to be based on me doing less work and having less aggravation. Believe me when I say that I would be aggravated every time I looked at TSN knowing that our league was not operating at a level I consider acceptable.

To address some concerns, I am making a few amendments to our operations:

** I am allowing teams to do their own bench moves. Free agents/trades will still be done through me. I will have the ability to monitor moves (which I didn't on TSN) to ensure no one exceeds their allotted 5 moves per week. This relieves my workload considerably.
** Weighting for pitching is back in, but I have changed net wins and net saves to just wins and saves.

To those who liked TSN, I'm sorry. There just wasn't enough flexibility or support for my satisfaction. I am much more at ease with TQS. As far as the money goes, I will not ask anyone for anything at this point in time. However, if I cannot get resolution from TSN, I will leave it up to the individual teams to decide whether or not they wish to voluntarily help defray my cost of setting us up on TQS. Nobody is required to pay again.


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