Saturday, April 15, 2006

Free Agents - April 16

Free agent moves for the week:

John Benoit waives Keith Foulke and signs Roberto Hernandez for $4.

Austin places Ian Kinsler on the DL and signs Craig Wilson for $1.

Brian waives Kyle Davies, Dave Dellucci and Jacque Jones and signs Tomo Ohka for $1, Wilson Betemit for $2 and Brad Hawpe for $4.

Pandas waive Anderson Hernandez and sign Jose Castillo for $1.

Todd and Joel waive Matt Clement and sign Dave Weathers for $3.

Doug signs Bill Mueller for $3 to fill his open bench spot. Also, I made a mistake last week. Doug did not sign Dan Miceli, but Tim Worrell for $2.

Coming later this week, the first salary cap updates.


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