Sunday, March 26, 2006

Another Draft Come and Gone....

I want to thank James, Jason and Austin for opening up TMR to the league. I think everyone (except Scott) was comfortable and had adequate room to set up. Well done with the Skype connection to Mike, as he came through loud and clear. Thanks to everyone, for keeping things moving yesterday. 5 hours to complete the draft, especially given the lengthy dinner break, was excellent. Thanks, too, to Scott and Matt for providing their own distinct brand of dinner (and post-dinner) entertainment.

FYI, the rosters are up, but there may be some inconsistencies due to the fact some of you have not provided me with access to your rosters. I do need folks to do this, so here's how:

From the main page, click on "Manager Prefs" under the "Front Office" tab.
Halfway down the page, you'll see "Commish Settings". Please select "Yes" for both questions in that section.

Please verify that your rosters are set up OK.

I was quite surprised by yesterday's draft. I commented to Doug afterwards that I thought it was the weirdest draft in recent memory in terms of how far off I was in undervaluing some players and overvaluing others. However, I think that all teams drafted quite well. I'm curious to know a few things, opinions from all of you.

What was the steal of the draft?
What was your best pick and your worst pick?
If you could pick another team to own this year, whose would it be?

Just some fun questions to start some discussion.

I was reminded of something yesterday that I forgot to set up on the website: the weighting of the pitching categories. I could not find a way to do this and have e-mailed Sporting News for help. If they cannot do this, in fairness to those who spent a great deal on pitching, I think that we should drop an offensive category to bring things into balance. I would recommend batting average, since it's already folded into on-Base percentage. Please provide your thoughts/comments.

Lastly, free agent bidding now ends at midnight Saturday (2 hrs later). The first free agency period is now underway and all free agency bids are to be sent to


  • At 10:39 AM, Blogger Austin said…

    Steal: Todd Helton @ $26 - he's a $40 player.

    My Best Pick: Peralta @ $20

    My Worst Pick: Not a single standout, but I took a good number of players as fliers - a lot of opportunity for failure there. If I had to choose one, probably keeping Vazquez for $14 - at the rate the final rounds were going, I might have secured him (or someone better) for $1.

    Another Team I'd Like To Own: The Orphan Pandas (their lineup is insane).

  • At 11:58 AM, Blogger I'mRightYou'reWrong said…

    First of all, thanks to James, Jason and Austin for having us over. Having ventured into the lavatory (just once when there were simply no other options) I now know why they call their place The Men's Room. For the record, The Science Experiment or Goodbye Pubie Tuesday would work, too.
    As for the questions ...

    Steal of the draft: That unbelievable beef pad thai for just $8.25. Worth at least $15.

    My best pick: Sitting beside, and not behind, Captain Flatulence.

    My worst pick: Too many to mention. But the time I made my nose bleed would be right up there.

    Another team I'd like to own: The Budweiser Clydesdales. It'd be really cool to drive that rig to work, though parking would be a bit of a chore.

  • At 1:10 PM, Blogger zances said…

    Our best pick Matt Murton $1

    Worst Pick Ryan Doumit $1

    Other team other than ours that I would like to own, Peter

  • At 6:49 AM, Blogger Mike said…

    Biggest steal- Brian Giles at $14 or Tim Hudson at $16- both great steals.

    My best pick- tie between Jeter @ $23 and Wagner @ $22.

    My worst pick- Probably Lyle Overbay only because with the amount of money I had left at the end of the draft I should have gone a little further in the Pujols or Ortiz bidding.

    Another team I'd like to own- Doug's team- Pujols and Lee on the same team? Crazy.

  • At 9:42 PM, Blogger Todd said…

    Steal - I agree with Austin, Todd Helton at $26 is crazy cheap.

    My Best Pick: Didn't have many to make, but since Thome has gone 7 for 9 with 4HR the last two days, I'm hoping it's him. Although getting Moises Alou in the bench draft also made me happy.

    My Worst Pick: Not thrilled with Garret Anderson... and overpaid (perhaps necessarily though) for Juan Pierre

    Another Team I'd Like To Own: Pandas - I was crossing names off my list before the draft and barely had to go to page two of the rankings to cross of their whole team. Although I'd rather have my pitching staff


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