Sunday, May 06, 2007

Free Agent Moves April 30 - May 6

What a busy week.

Mike blows up his roster, placing Jake Westbrook, Adam Loewen, Phil Hughes and Garret Anderson on the DL and waiving Jason Bartlett and Aaron Heilman. Mike signs Billy Butler for $4, Fernando Cabrera for $2 and Jon Lester, Felix Pie, Justin Speier and Shaw Hill for $1 each.

Todd places Jim Thome and Maicer Izturis on the DL and signs Dan Johnson for $5 and Shane Victorino for $2.

Sandlot Gang waives Lastings Milledge and signs Eddie Guardado for $1. Gang also signs Henry Owens or $3 to fill an empty roster spot.

Austin places Bob Wickman on the DL and signs Jeff Suppan for $2.

Brian waives Luis Vizcaino and Ricky Nolasco and signs Tim Lincecum for $15 and Hideki Okajima for $3.

Updated salary caps:

Brian: $32, $10on DL
Mike: $98, $67 on DL
John: $39
Joel: $35, $6 on DL
Austin: $28, $8 on DL
Scott: $56
Peter: $56. $15 on DL
Todd: $73, $44 on DL
Matt: $45 (1 open bench spot)
Pandas: $35, $11 on DL
Jon: $32, $5 on DL
Sandlot: $78, $8 on DL


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