Sunday, April 29, 2007

Free Agents April 23-29

Things have gone as well as could be epected at work and at home this week. Thanks for your prayers. Please keep them coming this week.

On to free agency.....

Brian places Ben Zobrist on waivers and signs Luis Vizcaino for $1.

Mike places Rich Harden and Andy Marte on the DL and signs Philip Hughes for $12 and Ryan Theriot for $2.

Austin waives Matt Garza and signs Chad Guadin for $2.

Joel places Milton Bradley on the DL and signs Austin Kearns for $2.

Todd waives Clay Hensley and signs Nate Robertson for $3.

Pandas place Akinori Iwamura on the DL and sin Brandon Wood for $6. Pandas also waive Esteban German and sign Hunter pence for $3.

Sandlots waive Freddy Garcia and Shane Victorino and sign James Shields for $6 and Juan Rincon for $3.

Jon waives Sean Casey and signs Jose Bautista for $5.

Updated salary caps:

Brian: $46, $4 on DL
Mike: $96, $54 on DL
John: $39
Joel: $38, $6 on DL
Austin: $39, $17 on DL
Scott: $56
Peter: $56. $15 on DL
Todd: $57, $21 on DL
Matt: $45 (1 open bench spot)
Pandas: $50, $29 on DL
Jon: $32, $5 on DL
Sandlot: $87, $8 on DL (including Josh Johnson)


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