Sunday, May 14, 2006

Free Agents - May 14

Happy Mother's Day to y'all.

Pandas waive Jose Castillo and Joel Zumaya and sign Dan Uggla for $1 and Cole Hamels for $10.

Back End waives Joe Blanton and Matt Cain and places John Patterson and Jason Repko on the DL. Signs Jeff Francis, Juan Cruz, Shawn Chacon and Michael Cuddyer for $1 each.

Peter places Jose Contreras and Ben Sheets on the DL and signs Brett Tomko for $4 and John Thomson for $3.

Jon places Eric Gagne and Jorge Cantu on the DL and waives Jake Westbrook. Signs John Koronka and Tony Armas Jr. for $3 each and Mark DeRosa for $2.


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