Saturday, April 21, 2007

Free Agent Activity April 16-22

So y'all know, I will be VERY busy at work for the next week and a half. I will do my best to have next week's free agent activity up by noon Sunday, but no promises. Please remember to pray for Christine, Aidan, Aaron and I for the next week and a half that God would strengthen and protect us.

On to free agency.....

Brian places Mike Mussina on the DL and signs Henry Owens for $5. Also waives Nelson Cruz and signs Kevin Mench for $1. Lastly, fills two open bench spots by signing Dmitri Young for $5 and John Buck for a buck (couldn't resist).

Mike places B.J. Ryan and Octavio Dot-ask, Dotel (sorry, I'm tired) on the DL and signs Joakim Soria and David Aardsma for $1 each.

Austin waives Andrew Miller and signs Kyle Lohse for $3.

Joel waives Brad Wilkerson and Matt Murton and signs Shawn Green for $5 and Rich Aurilia for $4.

Todd waives Zach Duke and signs Braden Looper for $2.

Pandas place Troy Glaus (man needs a faith heeler) and Howie Kendrick on the DL and Travis Buck and Sammy Sosa for $2 each. Since I signed John and the Pandas signed Travis, we can now say the Buck stops here.

Sandlots waive Mike Napoli, John Patterson and Dave Weathers and sign Kelly Johnson and Tom Gorzelanny for $7 each and Josh Johnson (who will go right to the DL) for $3 each.

Updated salary caps:

Brian: $64, $37 on DL
Mike: $88, $31 on DL
John: $39
Joel: $34
Austin: $39, $17 on DL
Scott: $56
Peter: $45
Todd: $58, $21 on DL
Matt: $45 (1 open bench spot)
Pandas: $60, $27 on DL
Jon: $37, $5 on DL
Sandlot: $87, $11 on DL (including Josh Johnson)


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