Sunday, April 15, 2007

Free Agents April 9-15

Before I start, a couple of things:

Again, I apologize for the re-set. I was in touch with ESPN and there is NOTHING that can be done to re-apply bench moves made between April 1 and April 11. Now, I personally think that everyone gained and lost from this, and I hope that it doen't affect the year-end results. But, as I stated last week, even if we changed providers, I don't think anyone kept meticulous track of their moves, so it probably wouldn't make much difference.

Also, we had our first trade of the year (in case you haven't checked your e-mail recently). Mike shipped Matt Holliday, Freddy Garcia and Lastings Milledge to the Sandlot Gang for Derek Jeter and Rich Harden. No salary was retained in the deal and the balances below reflect the salaries exchanged in the deal.

On to the FA Activity for this week:

Mike fills two open bench spots by signing Micah Owings for $3 and Andy Marte for $1.

Brian places Hideki Matsui on the DL and signs Nate Robertson for $8.

Pandas waive Chad Billingsley and Jonny Gomes and sign Mike MacDougal and J.J. Hardy for $2 each.

Jon places Cliff Lee and Reed Johnson on the DL and signs Kip Wells for $4 and Luis Gonzalez for $3. Also waives Randy Winn and signs Geoff Jenkins for $8.

Todd waives Yuniesky Betancourt, Pedro Feliz and Scott Proctor. Signs Kaz Matsui for $3 and Maicer Izturis and Rafael Betancourt for $1 each. Todd, please see my e-mail for your DL move.

Scott fils his open bench spot by signing Al Reyes for $10.

Joel fills his open bench spot by signing Todd Coffey for $4.


Brian: $67, $28 on DL.
Mike: $59
John: $39
Joel: $43
Austin: $54, $29 on DL.
Scott: $56
Peter $45, $2 on DL.
Todd: $61, $20 on DL
Matt: $45
Pandas: $40. $3 on DL
Jon: $37, $5 on DL
Sandlot Gang: $103, $8 on DL


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