Sunday, April 15, 2007

Reset Status


As you are all now (in some cases painfully) aware, the bright minds at ESPN resorted to the Nuclear option to fix whatever was, apparently, ailing the Fantasy Baseball game.

I have just finished restoring rosters to the best of my ability. I CANNOT repeat roster moves done during the past week and a half. Those updates, and their effect on scoring, cannot be recovered.

Your free agents are back on your rosters. I also posted the trade between the Bears and the Sandlot, but have given them the option to reverse the trade, given the current situation.

For this week only, I will not be counting bench moves. The 5-move cap will resume on Monday.

I realize this is a hassle, but I am going to keep the league here, since the activity lost here cannot really be recovered by moving to another provider. Any issues/questions, please e-mail me at either or


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