Saturday, May 12, 2007

Free Agents - May 6 - 13

Free agent bidding this week:

Mike waives James Loney and signs Andy LaRoche for $5.

Sandlot Gang waives Juan Rincon and signs Matt Kemp for $1. Gang also places Henry Owens on the DL and signs John Danks for $3 and signs Jack Cust for $5 to fill an open bench spot.

Austin waives Jack Wilson and signs Reggie Willits for $2.

Brian places Dave Roberts on the DL and signs Tim Wakefield for $2.

Pandas place Mike Piazza on the DL and sign Yovani Gallardo for $1.

John Benoit places Gustavo Chacin, Jason Jennings and Scott Podsednik on the DL and signs Mark Hendrickson and Alex Gonzalez for $2 each and Jamie Moyer for $1.

Jon Wilton waives Kip Wells and signs Roger Clemens for $23.

Joel waives Brandon McCarthy and signs Jeremy Accardo for $8.

Updated salary caps:

Brian: $41, $24 on DL
Mike: $109, $87 on DL
John: $43, $9 on DL
Joel: $29, $8 on DL
Austin: $28, $8 on DL
Scott: $56
Peter: $56. $15 on DL
Todd: $73, $44 on DL
Matt: $45 (1 open bench spot)
Pandas: $40, $17 on DL
Jon: $9, $5 on DL
Sandlot: $73, $12 on DL


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