Sunday, August 19, 2007

2008 Plans

A few weeks ago, I posted a poll about keeper options for 2008. Only 7 owners voted, but I got a clear sense that everyone wanted to maintain some form of keeper format in the future. I'm good with that.

So, here's my 2008 rule shuffle.

First, keepers will have the following limits:

MAXIMUM 5 hitters and 3 pitchers (40% of offense and 33% of pitchers)
MAXIMUM retained value of $125

What that means is this: You can keep up to 8 players BUT their total value cannot exceed $125 (including $5 per player increase) OR you can keep up to $125 in players (including $5 per player increase) but the total number of players CANNOT exceed 5 hitters/3 pitchers.

I think this is a fair and equitable way to do things, allowing keepers while placing greater emphasis on the draft. I also am hopeful that this will result in some more realistic player values at Festivus '08.

OK, onto mid-season dealing:

I have spent a considerable amount of time this year struggling with budgetary issues. It is almost Impossible for me to keep track after the first two weeks of who is an injury rep and who isn't and whether or not the right player has been dropped and what the cap hit is. Therefore, I am changing the rules.

Teams will have, starting next year, a Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB) of $150. This is separate from your draft day cash of $260, which is now only good for draft day. Any money not spent on draft day is no longer carried forward into the season. This can be used in the following ways:

* Sign a free agent
* Retain a free agent signed to replace an injured player

I will be keeping separate track next year of all free agents who are signed. Any free agent signed at any time can be dropped for a returning opening day roster player and that money will be returned to your FAAB. If you drop an opening day starter, he goes back into the pot and can be signed by any other owner using whatever portion of FAAB is left. The owner who dropped the player will NOT have to retain the player's salary.

Protected costs for all rostered players will be the same as they are today (whatever their owner paid for them plus $5).

All trades are now straight up. Dollars do NOT factor into trades. This, of course, comes with the expectation that teams will not execute dump trades. To enforce this, all trades made after JULY 15 are subject to a 48-hour waiver period. During that time, any owner can make a claim on a player included in any trade, at a cost of $30 of their remaining FAAB. Example: I offer Mike A-Rod ($50) for three players totalling $14. Scott, in reviewing the trade, makes a waiver claim on A-Rod. I then have 24 hours to either work out a deal with Scott or give him A-Rod, at a cost of $30 of his remaining FAAB, or revoke the trade, keeping A-Rod.


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