Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Season

Thanks to everyone for making the draft a big success. Please check your rosters for accuracy. I will check them as well.

A couple of things about Free Agent bidding:

All Free Agent bids are to be submitted to Bidding is weekly and each weekly bid period closes at [b]10 PM SATURDAY[/b]. Highest bid for a player wins the player's services and, in the event of ties, the first bid in wins.

The seventh bench spot can be a pitcher OR hitter. Since each team has only 5 moves per week, there's no reason to limit bench composition to only 2 pitchers. You want to carry an extra pitcher, go crazy.

Reminder that team budgets are now $325. After today's draft, here are your team-by-team balances:

Brian: $50
Mike: $97
John Benoit: $57
Peter: $60
Todd: $64
Matt: $57
Joel: $59
Austin: $58
Scott: $78
Pandas: $58
Jon Wilton: $61
Sandlot Gang: $85

As far as your rosters go, you have control over them. Move players around as you see fit. [b]Remember you only have 5 bench-active moves per week[/b]. You can shift players around in your active roster all you want and DL moves DO NOT count against your 5 weekly moves. Free Agents will be added to your rosters in time for MONDAY'S games.

Lastly, I do not have the ability to perform retroactive roster moves on ESPN. Therefore, if you are going to be away for a length of time greater than a week, you should ask another owner to update your roster for you.

All updates will be posted here. I will also be reviving the league Blog ( and posting updates there, so if you need to see older notes, go there.