Sunday, February 19, 2006


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2006 Season Update

You should all have an e-mail in your inbox with the 2005 rosters. 2005 salary and 2006 salary (2005 + $5) is included.

I have confirmations for this season from everyone but Al, so we're looking good. Al, please reply by March 1 confirming your commitment to participate this season. A reminder that the draft is still March 25, but it will be at The Men's Room (aka James', Jason's and Austin's apartment). They are right next door to The Vine and, if you need directions, contact any of the three of them. We will plan for a 4PM start. We will order dinner, so plan accordingly. If you finished top 6 last year, please bring 12 cans/bottles of your favourite non-alcoholic beverage. At least 1 person should bring a case of bottled water. If you were 7th of lower, 1 or 2 bags of snack food, please.

I have made an executive decision to switch the league to Sporting News this year. The price is the same and I participate in a number of their online free pools. I figure we'll give 'em a try for a year. Price per team will be $10, payable draft day.

I have the following items to discuss at the pre-season meeting at my house on March 11 at 7PM. They include:

Introduction of a playoff system
Changing Stolen Bases to Net Stolen Bases (SB - Caught)
Changing On-Base Percentage to On-Base Plus Slugging (OPS)
Sliding-scale price increases
Trade/salary retention limits
I am still drafting 4 and 5, so I will send something out when it's done. Also, please check out the league blog for other updates/info throughout the pre-season.

Gotta go. Aaron's crying.