Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More Injury Updates

Rocco Baldelli (OF, TB)
Not only do the Devil Rays have players dropping like flies, but now their recoveries seem jinxed. We know Julio Lugo has struggled to bounce back from his abdominal strain, and now Baldelli has his own issues. The left hamstring injury that was supposed to delay his expected return last month by a week or so has not gotten any better. He continues to have soreness and was scheduled for another medical exam to determine why it has been so slow to heal. Tampa Bay can make all the excuses they want, but this injury seems like more than just minor soreness. Baldelli is a minimum of two weeks away from being activated.

Bartolo Colon (RHP, LAA)
After 12 days spent on the disabled list, Colon saw the inflammation in his throwing shoulder dissipate, but he's now just starting to throwing lightly on the side. He was eligible to return May 1st, but it was obvious when he went on the disabled list that he could be out a little longer than that. One veteran Angles observer believes it will be closer to the end of May when he finally returns. The Angels are determined to make sure when he does return that he doesn't suffer a relapse. His rehab work is slow and deliberate and will remain so.

Rich Harden (RHP, OAK)
Harden strained a back muscle in his last start when he was fielding a ground ball. The A's ace is expected to miss three-to-five weeks with the injury. Last season, he missed five weeks late in the year with a strained lat muscle. Earlier in the year it was a strained oblique muscle that cost him six weeks. In both cases, Harden returned later than he was initially expected. You can bet the A's will be cautious this year in an attempt to avoid a relapse during the rehab. This could mean Harden won't return for 5-6 weeks. We'll have a better idea of where he's at in another two weeks.

Brian Roberts (2B, BAL)
The Orioles placed Roberts on the disabled list with a strained left hamstring that he suffered on Saturday. Roberts has struggled with a left hip flexor the past couple of weeks, and it's not out of the question that the two ailments are related. The injury could be the result of Roberts over-compensating for the hip flexor. The medical staff believes Roberts will need about ten days to bounce back and be game ready. If they are accurate, he'll be back around May 14. However, until he tests the leg in a week or so, we won't for sure.

Coco Crisp (OF, BOS)
Crisp's X-ray last Friday revealed the fractured knuckle on his left index finger is healing nicely but still not enough to resume baseball-related activities. Crisp, who suffered the fracture on April 8, is able to do range-of-motion exercises and flexibility work but still needs more time for the fracture to heal. It has been just three weeks since the injury, so it doesn't look like he's delayed or suffered some sort of setback. Crisp projected return in mid-May seems like a viable target, but we'll know more once he starts swinging a bat.

Kelvim Escobar (RHP, LAA)
Escobar left his latest outing with pain caused by a blood blister on the middle finger of his pitching hand. The ailment surfaced a few weeks ago, but has recently worsened to the point that he will need to miss his next scheduled start. Unlike most blisters that pitchers develop, this one isn't likely caused by the way he grips the ball, so it shouldn't be a chronic problem. It is reasonable to think that he will just miss the one start.

Ruben Sierra (OF, MIN)
The Twins have lost Sierra for at least a month due to a strained left biceps. He was scheduled to have a detailed examination done on Monday to determine the severity of the injury. The results of the exam are not currently available, but considering his age (40), he's likely to need more time to recover than the average player.

Todd Helton (1B, COL)
Helton received the green light to resume workouts late last week. He's expected to return to the team this Wednesdays to begin more intense workouts. The biggest issue Helton faces in returning from his intestinal problem is to regain his overall strength and stamina. He has lost a noticeable amount of weight with the ailment. Because his condition doesn't have a track record amongst baseball players, it's difficult to get a gauge on how long he'll be out.

Ian Kinsler (2B, TEX)
Almost three weeks after going on the disabled list with a dislocated left thumb, Kinsler is still struggling to swing a bat with both hands. The biggest problem is when his hands roll over during the swing. This puts extra stress on the thumb, something it's not ready for yet. While some reports indicate he might be back in about a week, the current problem he's battling through suggests it might take closer to 14-17 days before he can return.

Julio Mateo (RHP, SEA)
When you're a reliever and you walk eight batters in twelve innings, it usually means either your mechanics are flawed or you're hurt. In Mateo's case, the Mariners tweaked his mechanics, thinking that's what the problem was. However, Mateo admitted over the weekend that he's been struggling with tendonitis in his pitching shoulder. The Mariners placed him on the disabled list over the weekend but aren't yet sure how long it will take him to recover.


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