Tuesday, March 07, 2006

OK, OK, I surrender

I have been the recipient of a great number of e-mails regarding my list of proposed changes, to the point that I already have a clear majority on some of this stuff.

First, we will leave in On-Base and not add OPS. I hear the argument about re-rewarding home run hitters. As anyone who has been in this league for a long time knows, I have annually searched for a way to give greater value to doubles and triples hitters. I thought this would do it. Oh, well. Back to the drawing board.

Second, there will be NO sliding scale. Ideas like that clearly show how there may need to be a drug-testing program introduced to the CRBL.

Third, we will remain a keeper league.

That just leaves weekly rostering (which I think will pass) and trades/retained value. I actually think we can debate these issues prior to the draft. I propose a small change in plans: Start the draft at 3 PM and have a discussion on rostering/retained salaries prior to starting. All in favour?


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