Friday, September 30, 2005

Injury Update

I get a lot of e-mails from the Baseball Hot Sheet. I would like to put them on the blog next season, but if anyone feels its unfair for me to do so, please let me know and we can have a debate:

Injury Updates:

OF-Jeremy Reed-SEA The MRI done on Reed's left wrist on Wednesday revealed a partially torn ligament, and he will miss the rest of the 2005 season. Reed is likely to see a hand specialist to determine if he'll need surgery to repair the damage. Even if he needs surgery, he's expected to be ready for spring training.
OF-Carl Crawford-TB Crawford is struggling with a sore left wrist that could cost him the remainder of the games this season. Devil Ray sources indicate Crawford could still be used as a defensive replacement or pinch runner. Swinging a bat gives him the most pain, which is the reason why his at-bats the rest of the season will be very limited.
SS-Bobby Crosby-OAK The A's are shutting Crosby down due to a sore left ankle. It remains sore and isn't completely healed from the fracture he suffered late in August. Crosby has struggled both in the field and at the plate due to the limited mobility. He's expected to heal in plenty of time for spring training.
1B-Shea Hillenbrand-TOR Hillenbrand has a damaged ligament in a knuckle of his left hand. The Blue Jays have elected not to play him the rest of the season. He's expected to see a hand specialist, and there's a good chance he'll need surgery to repair the ligament.
RHP-Keith Foulke-BOS Two months after under going arthroscopic surgery on his left knee, Foulke is going to have a similar procedure done to his right knee. His right knee isn't as troublesome as the left was, but the Red Sox medical staff believes it's better to clear up the problem now.
1B-Justin Morneau-MIN The Twins have another MRI planned for Morneau and his ailing left elbow. He's also projected to receive a pain killing injection for the elbow. Morneau has a bone spur that will need to be surgically removed or shaven down in order to eliminate the pain and swelling he's been dealing with. If he has the surgery, he's expected to be ready for spring training.
OF-Wily Mo Pena-CIN Pena suffered a hyperextended lower back when he collided with the outfield wall on Wednesday. It's unlikely he'll return to the lineup before the end of the season, according to veteran Reds observers.


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