Sunday, March 05, 2006

Reminder to all

A couple of reminders:

The league meeting this Saturday, March 11 at 6PM at my home (60 Bridgette Drive). Contact me for directions. I need a volunteer to make a run to Taco Bell, since the Champs have decided that that is where we'll dine. Once everyone is here, we'll take orders and everyone will kick in to feed James and Jason. Final list of discussion items:
Change in pitching categories this year. Due to a limitation in the Sporting News configuration, I cannot set up net wins and net saves. Therefore, we are reverting to just wins and saves.
Addition of new hitting category. I want to drop On-Base percentage and replace it with OPS (On-base plus slugging). Also, forget my net steals idea. We'll stick with just stolen bases.
Change in pricing for 2006. I would like to explore a new pricing scheme for keepers for the 2007 season. My plan is a sliding scale more reflective of the player's value. My argument is that I don't think A-Rod would get the same increase as a $1 player. I also want to keep the higher value players in the draft mix each year. I would propose something like this:
2006 price < $10 = $2 increase for 2007
2006 price < $20 = $5 increase for 2007
2006 price < $40 = $8 increase for 2007
2006 price > $41 = $10 increase for 2007

I also want discuss another alternative - eliminating the keeper aspect and starting each year fresh, placing greater impact on the draft.
Retained salary limits for trades. Unfortunately, there are some pretty big loopholes in the retained salary logic we currently use (specifically, if both sides continue to pay their own players, trades have no cap impact). This led to some -pretty impressive (read: ridiculous) fire sale trades prior to the deadline. I think this needs to be eliminated. I propose the following:
For multi player deals, it must be specified how much of each player's salary is being passed to his new owners. Example: I trade $26 Hideki Matsui and $5 Brad Halsey to Doug for $4 Chad Tracy and $1 Adam Eaton. If I am eating $20 of salary difference, Doug and I must agree on how to price Matsui and Halsey, so that, should Doug opt to deal those players in future, it is known how much he's trading them for. This is mostly for my benefit as commissioner, for cap-tracking purposes.
For trades, the most salary that can be retained is 50% of the difference, up to a limit of $25. Example: Again using the trade in the prior bullet, the salary differential is $26 (26+5 = 31 - (4+1) = 26). Of that $26, I can retain $13 and Doug must take on $13. If the differential exceeds $50 (i.e. I throw $52 Alex Rodriguez into the original deal, making the differential $78), the most salary I can retain is $25, meaning Doug has to eat $53.
Last point - Weekly roster management. In an effort to make my life easier and cut a little slack to those of us who have, you know, a life and cannot do all the monitoring to set rosters daily, I would like to change to weekly roster updates. Here's how it would work:
Free agent bidding period would end midnight Friday (rather than Saturday, which is how it is today). I would post free agent results Saturday morning.
All teams would be required to submit roster changes to by midnight Saturday. Rosters would be updated by me Sunday and then locked until next Saturday.
Taxi squad moves would only be allowed if a player is placed on the DL during the week.

There will be a strict 10-minute time limit placed on discussion of each of these items, at which point they will be submitted to a vote. Majority rules. If you cannot attend the meeting, e-mail me and let me know. I will send you a ballot to vote on these items, if you so desire.

Other things to note:

Please register your team (if you haven't already done so) at The Sporting News. Here's the link:
Protected lists are due Sunday, March 19 by 6PM. That give me time to put them together and get them out that night.
Draft Day is Saturday, March 25 starting at 4PM at The Men's Room (James, Jason and Austin's place - contact them for directions). Please make every effort to be on time.


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